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Pacific Fighters 7.1

IL-2 moves the setting from the Eastern front to the Pacific theater
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Pacific Fighters is an combat flight simulator based in WWII's pacific campaign. The game is based in the IL-2 Sturmovik simulator, and it can be installed as an expansion pack. However, you don't need IL-2 in order to play the game as it has full stand-alone capabilities. The game centers itself, as the title hints, on the Pacific dogfights between Japanese and Ally aircraft. The game includes a whopping 74 aircrafts, including variants of the same ones. Most famously you can fly the P-51, or the Supermarine Seafire (a modified version of the Spitfire, and yes, the Spitfire is also included). Or maybe flight Japanese aircraft like the Kawasaki Ki-100 or Ki-43. The game includes a ton of new objects not included in IL-2 but the ones that are more exciting than the others are the aircraft carriers. These add a whole new element to the game and also a new challenge. As with IL-2 the simulation, physics are amazing, simply the best you can get in a game these days. This is a game for all simulator fans, even if you don't have IL-2 already.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A huge amount of aircrafts, and also aircraft carriers are introduced


  • Some weird sound effects
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